I am so excited to share with you all that one of my blogs “Be Spontaneous” has been shared on Wedding Hub UK.

It looks fab and I really hope it can give girls confidence to not stress about the dress!

Check it out with the link below 😁



Tip of the day

Planning the engagement party….

Today’s tip is save your money! Go to the pound shop and find decorations and be creative. This is just some of my decorations so far. 

Keep a watch for more ideas on DIY weddings.

Oh yeah and can’t have a photo without one of my pets in the way.

Everyone meet my other furbaby Mollie 🐢

Catnap 😻

When your having a bad day, a catnap is just what’s needed!

So I have been awake since 6am for no reason today (but this is normal for me and usually it is 3.30am I wake), met up with a friend and then went to try and find a dress for my engagement party. 

Result, got the one I wanted in a size 8 even though I am normally a 12! Got money off it to as there was an issue in the print which you can’t really notice. NOTE if you feel the product is not 100% say about it!

Walking around the shops must have took it out of me as I started to get blurry vision and felt like I was staggering. These are new symptoms which I’ve had only today but now I am tucked up on bed with the shakes and a few cuts on my hands which I have no idea where I got them from. 

Well in need of sleep and a furr baby cuddle 😺

How to have a popular blog

This was really helpful to me, as a first time blogger I guess we need words of wisdom. “Never give up trying”


Continuing my seemingly endless series of posts about blogging, I have more tips for new bloggers, or for those of you with tired or stagnant blogs. As I approach my fifth anniversary of blogging, and have reached a current total of 1,222 posts, I have noticed a few things along the way.

Many of us are more than content with our blogging lot; happy with the way things are, and we bumble along in the same old way. Yet there are a lot of bloggers who watch the tumbleweed pass over their blogs. They yearn for more interaction, and become disappointed with the performance of their blog. It was not how they thought it was going to be when they started, that’s for sure. They tire of posting, wonder if it is all worth the effort, and sometimes just give up on the idea.

So, how do you get off…

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Tip of the dayΒ 

Be spontaneous!

I have a confession to make…. I bought my wedding dress a year before being engaged! I will tell you why.

I drive past a wedding dress shop everyday on my way to work, and this dress caught my eye. For 5 days I could not stop thinking about it and one day it was no longer in the window and I panicked, so I decided to go try it on crazy I know!

So I tried on the dress and I did not want to take it off. It was my dress. I could not imagine me in any other! But I tried on one more and took it off straight away to shut people up. Now all I get is are you sure you won’t change your mind? Do you not want to go dress shop? My anwser is no! I have fulfilled my dreams with my dress and I am happy with that.

So I guess I would recommend buying your wedding dress before you’re engaged, as it is one less thing to worry about and we are now able to move our date forward a year.But only do this is you have an understanding partner and engagement has been spoken about for awhile. P.s do not do it behind his back!

Good luck finding your dresses ladies πŸ’‹