🐾 Smokey Paws 🐾

As you all know my blog is on planning your perfect wedding, but it is no secret that I am an animal lover also. So today I am doing a different blog but with good tips on how to organise an event which can have a huge impact on pets all over the UK. 

Save beloved family pets from smoke inhalation

So I am what is known as a community champion in the vet world, this means I create lots of fun events for charities and the public to ensure the right care and treatment is provided for animals. Recently I had taken on a new and very rewarding event called Smokey Paws.

FACT: there are 40,000 house fires a year in the UK  47% have pets and they do die from smoke inhalation.

What is smokey paws?

Smokey paws is a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation which help to ensure the UK fire services do carry pet oxygen masks. The organisation was founded in April 2015 by couple Brian Locker and Lynn Carbeny originally from the States.

“Doesn’t every pet deserve the best chance of survival”

Why do the fire services need these mask? Well oxygen masks that are used for people are not always easy to use on animals, so the kit provides 3 sized masks from small to large to ensure all size pets have a chance at survival. These masks are used in veterinary practices during medical procedures around the UK. 

The kits cost around  £94 to buy. The fire services do not recieved these from the government!

So I decided to hold an open fun fundraiser at my work to help this cause, so I got in touch with the charity who passed me onto Ron Ewing. Ron is Scotlands smokey paws and Scottish fire service coordinator. I asked Ron if it would be possible to have t-shirt made which has never been done before and he granted my wish! It certainly made an impact on the day.

At the event I had organised a bake sale which helped with. Believe me if I don’t see cake for awhile I will be happy 😂. 

A tombola which the prizes we had were incredible, we thought outside the box and asked local companies to donate great prizes from the restaurant SI with a voucher to Pets At Home gift card. 

So then I thought ok I have some things set in place but I need more in to get people through the door. At another event I had been to there was these beautiful majestic owls, they were mostly rescued and the charity gets them out and about to educate people, I asked and they were delighted to be asked along. 

Also I asked Ron if we were able to have one of the fire stations that we were donating masks to bring over a truck for people to have a look at, and so they did Dreghorn fire fighters team joined us on the day.

I am not going to lie I was stressed on the day getting organised but I had the buzz of everything that was going on and the outcome was phenominal…..

In total we had managed to raise £ 658 which allows us to allocating 7 pet oxygen masks to our surrounding area! What an achievement.  So I passed the funds over to Ron who now looks at what stations require the masks more and then we will have a presentation to hand them over.

Now I am continuing to make more vet practices all over the UK to help raise funds.

Anyone can donate through the smokey paws website below


Thank you for taking time out your day to read this 😘

Bye for now. Laura 


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