Planning Made Easy!

Firstly I would just like to say so sorry for not blogging or keeping in touch for awhile. Life just seemed to take over with working and planning and enjoying a wee holiday! Now I am back and relaxed it’s time to get back at it and thanks to everyone who has been asking for me I appreciate it 😘

I have found the key to a stress free wedding is being prepared and organised! I am an organised freak like I have OCD when it comes to planning anything!

Tip: Take control & make decisions together as a couple.

This has to be so easy for me and I am very lucky that my husband to be wants to be very much envolved and I know I am marrying my best friend more and more each day as we want the same things so much it’s scary!

So with 2years and 3 days to go….here is where I am…..

My wedding planning book and check list is filling up fast. I would recommend a planner it is very helpful and keeps you on track with planning, paperwork and decisions. This seems to be a very focused point for us as we look at it mostly on a weekly basis! Check out magazines for hints, tips and pictures of things you may like, remeber to use pinetrest it’s FREE. But be aware magazines cost £££.

Poppy enjoys planning too 🐱

I attended my first wedding fayre which was very helpful! I would say do your research find local FREE wedding fayres to create more ideas. What I found useful was table plans, wedding rings and just generally having fun about different ideas.

Be optimistic!!

Don’t be afraid to ask regarding prices or booking appointments. This will help you to be aware of how much things cost but don’t get caught up in the moment, take a few days to research other options before deciding. 

I booked a home appointment with Smooch, which is a ring company. When I met Ali the advisor I felt so at ease and comfortable with her, so making an appointment was easy there was no sales tactics at all! Ali came to our home showed us rings and gave us prices there and then, I have an amazing engagement ring so i have to keep it involved, the first ring I tried on was a band to go under my engagement ring which was suggested by Ali. It felt like a glove, the stones matched and it looked gorg! I had found my ring and so did Blair! He was looking for something rustic and different which he found. With affordable monthly payments we are able to purchase our rings and have them paid before we get married!

No more payments after the wedding!!!

Make planning fun and exciting. Use it as an excuse to go out together as a date, go shopping look at ideas and end the day with a nice meal and some drinks. Myself and Blair done this as we had a voucher from our engagement for 2 steak meals and a bottle of wine at Marco Pierre White restaurant Indigo in Glasgow. We both were buzzing it was such a nice day together and the food 😍 AMAZING!

 I also used this opportunity to get a make up trial. You are probally thinking that’s too early! But it made my day even better as I felt great and I ticked the box of finding my make up artist who is incredible talented and so down to earth which made my decision easy and with a very small deposit I can book her for my big day.

Along the way we picked up our cake toppers as we wanted a specific one (which I am not giving away just yet) and our guest book which isn’t traditional but we are not traditional anyway. We looked around Paperchase as we both love stationery and found a book which matched our theme for only  £3.00! This allows our guests to use our photo booth and make memories for us to keep to always remember our loved ones which attended.

Don’t let the price put you off. Don’t turn your nose up at a bargain. My bridesmaid advised me that Poundland had a wedding section, so we took a look and came out with table decorations and other bits and bobs! And spent less than £5! Always look in the sales, you never know what you could find.

You will be amazed what people can do to help or offer you and all I have done is chat with people, I met a friend of a friend who has bridesmaid dresses still new in the colour I am looking for. This is more relaxing than ordering different sizes online and not knowing what they look like so I am going to keep that in mind but I think they are perfect!  

So far so good. I will keep you all posted on my next steps of planning. I hope this comes in helpful for brides to be and if anyone has anything to offer or add please feel free.

Please keep reading and following.  😘


5 thoughts on “Planning Made Easy!

  1. Good advice about paying in advance. debts after a wedding are an unnecessary strain. Being from London (at the time) we shopped for wedding rings in Hatton Garden. As every shop there is a Jeweller, you can be sure to get a good deal.
    We also went to a free wedding fair, where we found the venue we eventually chose, and discussed getting a much lower price for a weekday wedding.
    The main thing to remember is that a £30,000 wedding won’t make you any happier than one that costs £6,000, as long as you are marrying the right person.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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