Plan, Relax, Plan

Being your planning

Now I have booked my venue , I have 2 years to get creative and create my own magical day.

I have been really lucky myself and Blair have only visited 2 venues and fell completely in love wih the 2nd so decided to go ahead and book as it felt right. I felt the biggest pressure was finding the perfect venue now we have that everything can slowly fall into place (I hope). 

There was concern over the location of our venue as it’s quite far but we decided if we put a bus on and the people that matter will come even if they make their own way there. There are always going to be buts and ifs but remember it is you as your partners day so do what feels right for yous.

Tip of the day… book your venue on a week day, it cuts the cost down hugely.

It is very overwhelming finally setting your date so some advice, take time out today i am down the beach with Blair and Mollie planning and enjoying the sun.


3 thoughts on “Plan, Relax, Plan

      1. Remember where decorations are concerned, “Less Is More”. 🙂
        Don’t overdo it, and go for tasteful rather than too much. You will be pleased you did.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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