How to choose your bridesmaids

How do you choose your bridesmaids? 

It’s simple really, all you need to think  is who do I want to stand by my side when I get married? Who will keep me calm? Who will go to the ends of the earth to make sure I have a good day/hen? Who are my true friends? Pick people you know that are caring and believe me you will find out when you get engaged who your real family and friends are.

I wasn’t sure how many bridesmaids I wanted as we are not planning on having a big wedding so 2 seemed like the ideal number.

How I decided…

I picked my best friend Kim, I was bridesmaid at her wedding in 2016. We have been best friends for 4 years now after just meeting on holiday. Since then we have grown into women and living our lives and so much has changed yet we are always at the end of the phone for each other.  We used to live 9hours away but now we only live 3hours away from each other so having a long distance friendship can work although I miss her like crazy!

My 2nd bridesmaid is Naomi, my fiancé sister. I don’t have any sister’s but Naomi certainly makes me feel like she is mine. She is a caring and very out going personality who I know will keep me relaxed from start to finish. Also it means so much to Blair my fiancé to have his sister a big part of the day.

Be creative when you do ask who you pick to be part of your big day. I made present boxes which was really fun as I created them from scratch.


10 thoughts on “How to choose your bridesmaids

  1. Looks like you made a good choice. Those girls are sure to give you great support, and will no doubt look good too.
    Despite three weddings, I never had any bridesmaids! The first was a low-key church affair, the second a Registry Office, and the third in a hotel, when we were both much older. Somehow, bridesmaids didn’t feature.
    In July, I am to be a Best Man (for the umpteenth time), at a wedding in London. My friend the groom will be 70, and it’s the first time he has ever married!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Thanks, Laura. He was the photographer at my first wedding, in 1977, and best man at my second wedding, in 1989. Then he did the photos for my third, in 2009. So, it’ s the least I can do!
        Thanks for your good wishes. Pete.

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