Experience Wedding Time Out

Today I got the great pleasure of getting to go lambing for the first time every at my bosses farm. From herding sheep to bringing in horses it was one of the best days of my life that I will cherish forever! This little cutie is Rodger who we got to bottle feed as he is very small but adorable 😍 think he stole all our hearts today!

Some people might cringe at the thought but I should have been born on a farm and I’m sad I wasn’t! I helped a mummy give birth to twins for the first time and seeing them eating and standing healthily warmed my heart.

Once the lambs and mums were able to go outside we took the quad down to the field and let them go to enjoy the fresh air then I got to drive the quad 😁 what a feeling! With the collie sitting on the back I felt in my element. 

On break times we got spoiled with cakes and tea.Yummy! 

My advice would be if you ever get the chance to experience this do it!!! I also got to do it with 2 amazing friends who made the day even better that is a memory that will remain for ever.

Bed time for me as I’m full of the cold and knackered but here’s hoping I sleep tonight and I am one happy person!


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