Line of duty

It’s time bbc one’s t.v series line of duty.

Series 4

Who’s been watching and what is everyone’s thoughts? If you have not followed it from the start you catch up now with season 1 & 2 on Netflix. Get watching!

šŸ˜ Martin Compston


One thought on “Line of duty

  1. I have never missed this, since the first episode. One of the best dramas on TV in years, and the sort of thing the BBC do so well. I thought this latest series was going to me more like the old cop shows, but it has started to open out nicely.

    (I guessed the husband though. They did the usual thing of including a well-known actor, Lee Ingleby, in a small part. Whenever they do that, you know that means that character has more to divulge)

    I can really recommend both series of ‘Follow The Money’, shown on BBC4. That Danish Police drama was superb: multi-stranded, and totally convincing. You have to watch it in sequence though. If you never saw it, look it up. Worth buying on DVD.
    best wishes, Pete.


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