How to have a popular blog

This was really helpful to me, as a first time blogger I guess we need words of wisdom. “Never give up trying”


Continuing my seemingly endless series of posts about blogging, I have more tips for new bloggers, or for those of you with tired or stagnant blogs. As I approach my fifth anniversary of blogging, and have reached a current total of 1,222 posts, I have noticed a few things along the way.

Many of us are more than content with our blogging lot; happy with the way things are, and we bumble along in the same old way. Yet there are a lot of bloggers who watch the tumbleweed pass over their blogs. They yearn for more interaction, and become disappointed with the performance of their blog. It was not how they thought it was going to be when they started, that’s for sure. They tire of posting, wonder if it is all worth the effort, and sometimes just give up on the idea.

So, how do you get off…

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8 thoughts on “How to have a popular blog

      1. I found the main issue was always arguing about who got invited. Then it came down to ‘evening, only, or all day?’ Then ‘my side, or your side?’
        The guest list is always the killer! Most of the rest is relatively easily, by comparison.
        Regards, Pete.

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      2. I totally know what your talking about, what we have found is now we know who our true friends and family are that’s even before the wedding! We have already had to say you don’t like it don’t come it is about us for once. Don’t know if that’s harsh or not but a wedding is stressful enough.
        Kind regards, Laura.

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      3. Not harsh at all. My last wedding was on a Thursday. Many people complained that they would not be able to come. But by switching from a Saturday, we saved over £2,000! That paid for the honeymoon in Marrakesh…
        Best wishes, Pete.

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