Catnap 😻

When your having a bad day, a catnap is just what’s needed!

So I have been awake since 6am for no reason today (but this is normal for me and usually it is 3.30am I wake), met up with a friend and then went to try and find a dress for my engagement party. 

Result, got the one I wanted in a size 8 even though I am normally a 12! Got money off it to as there was an issue in the print which you can’t really notice. NOTE if you feel the product is not 100% say about it!

Walking around the shops must have took it out of me as I started to get blurry vision and felt like I was staggering. These are new symptoms which I’ve had only today but now I am tucked up on bed with the shakes and a few cuts on my hands which I have no idea where I got them from. 

Well in need of sleep and a furr baby cuddle 😺


6 thoughts on “Catnap 😻

  1. Sorry to hear about the blurred vision, and the mysterious cuts. Have you had your blood sugar levels checked? Low blood sugar can make you dizzy and unwell.
    You look comfy enough with your cat at least.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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