First time blogger here, I hope I don’t bore you all to death. This is my blog on how to plan your big day the way you want! I recently got engaged so my aim is to blog whilst planning my wedding. Why? I hear you ask. Well I guess I have a story, well who doesn’t! I will keep it simple. I need an escape route and well this is it. I struggle to find the good in anything, I suffer a lot from having panic attacks mostly during the night which keep me awake for hours. So instead of focusing on the negatives I have decided to put my energy into planning my wedding. Good or bad idea I do not know! So far it has been okish a few bumps but it is getting there, but now instead of just family and friends knowing my struggle the whole world does to but I hope I can help people. I think we underestimate how many people are suffering with a mental illness quietly and I want people to know it is ok! So why the name? Well my main reason my blog is called “The purrfect way to plan your wedding day” is mainly because of my cat Poppy. When I took my most recent panic attack which latest four hours, she was there for me, soothed and calmed me. How does a cat do that? I hear you say, well Poppy is a character and she will be a big part of my blog so if your cat friendly this is a blog for you. Well that is my intro I will be back with tips on how to enjoy your engagement your way! Bye for now.

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